Therapies after Quitting

We firmly believe that self confidence is the key treatment in your battle against quitting smoking. We are here looking at a mass having a lower confidence level and therefore need external therapy for quitting, both before and after. We believe that you must focus to increase your level of motivation.


It is one of the oldest treatment methods found in earlier civilizations. It was mostly in China, Tibet and India where people used to focus on healing based on internal energy levels. External energy in the form of cosmic rays used to be infused into individuals to overcome physical illness. Hypnosis has been a prevailing treatment for most addictions which people have inculcated for long. It not only removes the indispensability of the addiction but also helps out to lessen the mental agony. A Hypnosis therapy first evaluates your level of susceptibility and accordingly determines the level of treatment required. It has got ways like focusing on moving objects, listening to a deep voice, or even lightening effects. This therapy has become popular even in the western countries today.


It is one of the most profound methodologies in alternative medicine today which have been used by ancient civilizations in China or India. Today the authenticity of meditation is revealed even in the US & UK where meditation has been found to be the most successful technique in stress related issues. Meditation has been used by ancient gurus as a tool to form a link with God. Today, it is used to relax you from external agony as well as to increase your focus and level of concentration. Smoking makes you more susceptible to emotion due to the lasting effects of nicotine which only triggers the central nervous system. Scientific research recommends meditation for the busiest professionals.

The medical research team has proved Meditation is one of the best methodologies to increase the level of motivation, self-confidence and will power – the three primary forces, which can fight in favor of one’s decision to quit Smoking. 


  • Massachusetts General Hospital study reveals the effect of counseling for smokers. They demand that “hospitalized smokers given stop-smoking counseling help them stay off cigarettes after they return home” ( The experiment was done on 650 adult smokers.
  • American Cancer Society ensures the availability of help for the people, who want to quit smoking permanently. The counseling session is mainly based on the psychological part of the addiction. Even one may opt for the telephonic counseling.
  • ( publishes the authenticity of their “Motivational Counseling in Preventing Smoking Relapse After Pregnancy in Pregnant Women Who Quits Smoking During Pregnancy”
  • The American Journal of Medicine ( publishes “Effectiveness at the Birmingham VA Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama”, where the team had analyzed over 16,000 records of smokers. They found a tangible amount had shown positive effect on the people after discharge, who had been admitted to the hospital due to heart attack.

What you need to do, is to find out the right counselor in the vicinity, so that you can arrange a few sittings with him.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

If you look at the most harmful component in the cigarette, it is unhesitatingly nicotine. Nicotine actually creates a lot of physical dependence, which has been found to lead one to various unpleasant symptoms when a person has tried to quit or even after the quitting stage. “Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) provides nicotine – in the form of gums, patches, sprays and inhalers – without the other harmful side effects of tobacco”. This may be noted that it is not a complete eradication, rather compromises a level of harmfulness. It actually helps in relieving some of these symptoms to give a breathing space to that person, so that he can leave the physical aspect to some extent and focus more on the psychological aspects of quitting.

Gradually many alternatives are coming up. Nicotine nasal spray, inhaler (Zyban) and nicotine-free tablet (Chantix) are also available today. How do they work? They try to formulate nicotine in the body at a slower rate. Like the nicotine patch arranges to release nicotine in the body at a very specific rate. The key difference is that nicotine in cigarettes intrudes the lungs and blood instantly while the patch takes a couple of hours. So, in reality the consumption becomes less and the body reacts to a slower effect, rather than sudden withdrawal.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic quit smoking products contain compounds that become highly useful at the stage after having quit. We will definitely advise you to visit a doctor before choosing any such product because the proportion may cause toxic effect to some people. Boiron Quit Smoking Care Kit and Nico-Free are two such homeopathic products available in the market. A very generic suggestion is to increase your water intake and regularize your meal habits at the time of using such products. 


Quit Smoking Magic: The Cessation Program That Gets Results

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