Using Visualization to Help You Quit Smoking

Using Visualization to Help You Quit Smoking

Visualization is coming to the fore as a way for people to change their behavior, thoughts, and feelings for the better. Visualization involves seeing yourself in positive situations and being the person you want to be. It is said that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real event that it observed and an imagined one. The key is to treat the imagined scenario as something you are observing. Interestingly, children seem to have this kind of realistic visualization well in place – many times, children cannot distinguish between what they imagine and what is real. Their play seems real to them when they are engaged in it. Visualization is tapping into this child-like ability to make your imagination come alive and play out in real life. The theory is that positive thoughts give positive results. Visualization could be described as daydreaming with a purpose. How Is Visualization Done? You can do visualization yourself. You can also do it while being guided by a therapist. Some people use tapes or audio resources to help them guide their visualization efforts. When you use visualization, you infuse clarity and life into your daydreams. You focus your goals and desires into a very narrow target, and when you visualize you imagine great detail. When you visualize, you include smells, sounds, tastes, and touch in your thoughts. Your visualizations are lucid,…

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