Quit Smoking Tip — How To Manage Cravings With Herbs

One of the difficulties in trying to quit smoking is that smokers become physically dependant on nicotine. Smoking affects the parts of the brain that relate to reward and pleasure. It increases the amount of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, and the nature of nicotine is that it creates a cycle of positive reinforcement within your brain that makes you want more. Scientists have found that when you withdraw from chronic nicotine use, it results in changes in these neural pleasure pathways. And the effect on the brain is similar to what someone addicted to cocaine, opiates and other drugs experiences. Hence, depression and anxiety are common. Fortunately, some resourceful modern herbalists began applying traditional knowledge to a modern problem. In Ayurvedic medicine, common garden variety oats (but not oat straw), is used to treat opium withdrawal. The herbalist Anand, using a tincture (an alcoholic extract of the herb), applied this same reasoning to nicotine withdrawal, with significant results. In a group of 26 heavy smokers, he gave an oat tincture, and in another group of 26, he gave a placebo. The group who took the oat tincture smoked less cigarettes, and this effect remained for two months after they stopped treatment. The herbalist Weiss theorizes that it is the sedative effect of oats. Oats contain as active constituents the indole alkaloid, gramine, and the alkaloids avenine and trigonelline….

Quit Smoking Tip by Nguang Nguek Fluek

The idea of quitting smoking has been coming to your mind recently. Well, this is a serious sign that it is quite time to leave this dangerous habit behind and start a healthy, cigarette smoke free life. Here are some quit smoking tips to make the cessation process easier and hopefully successful. The first and most important quit smoking tip: set up a stop date and stop smoking on that day at once. Reducing the number for the cigarettes you are having per day is not good enough if your aim is to stop smoking completely. The next quit smoking tip is pretty much connected with the previous one. Get rid of all of the smoking stuff – throw your cigarettes in the toilet (yes, there as you will not be able to get one out when the first craving comes), put the ashtrays and the lighters in the attic or just throw them in the garbage bin; clean property your home to chase away the cigarette smell; get your teeth cleaned. So after you do all of the above it is time to get some help. Go see your doctor and discuss what are the products that can help you in the smoking cessation process. He will be able to advise you about the best medical and herbal products and their dosage. Do not underestimate the…

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