Electronic Cigarettes - How Do They Work?

Electronic Cigarettes – How Do They Work?

It seems like everything is electronic these days – even cigarettes! The electronic cigarette is said to have been invented by a Chinese chemist, and is gaining popularity in various parts of the world today. What exactly is an electronic cigarette, and how does it work? Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery operated. The small button batteries fit inside the slender tube that is often made to look like a cigarette from the outside. (Some other models may look like ballpoint pens, and there are electronic pipes and cigars as well.) Inside the mouthpiece or cartridge of the e-cigarette, there is a reservoir filled with a flavored liquid. This liquid may contain nicotine, but it may not. When the person inhales, it triggers a heating element inside the e-cigarette to “vaporize” some of the flavored liquid. On some models, the user pushes a button to activate the heat. This vaporized liquid is then inhaled through the mouth, and is said to taste very much like tobacco smoke. If the e-cigarette contains nicotine, it could be assumed that the effect would “feel” like a cigarette as well. E-cigarettes do not produce second-hand tobacco smoke – they produce no true smoke at all, because there is no combustion (burning). Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit? This is an area that it not without controversy. Some argue that e-cigarettes do indeed…

Quit Smoking: Why People Do Bad Things (Even When They Know They Shouldn’t)

Do you do Bad Things? Even though you know you shouldn’t? It’s not your fault. It really isn’t. You know you should stop doing it, but no matter how much you know that, and how much you try, you just can’t stop! Everyone knows how to lose weight. Don’t eat fattening foods. Exercise. Everyone knows how to give up smoking. Don’t light the cigarette. Yet having this knowledge just isn’t enough. Sometimes even having the desire isn’t enough! Time and again I hear about people who get really close to quitting smoking. They can get all the way down to one or two cigarettes a day, but just can’t give up those last two. Many even make it all the way down to zero, but the cravings, oh the cravings! They are wretched, those cravings. Most will go back to smoking within the first few days. They can cut away most of the “stuff” that keeps them glued to the cigarettes, even not be addicted to nicotine anymore(!), but there is just something deep in their core that magnetically pulls them back in, like two lovers who know they are bad for each other but just can’t help themselves. What is this thing? What is at this core? Let me take a step back for a moment. How many adults do you know who are happy? I…

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