A Little Known Fact When Quitting Smoking And How To Stay Quit

Have you ever gotten yourself in a situation where you have quitted smoking for perhaps 1, 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes even months or years only to find yourself crawling back to square one as it if it was a snake and ladder board game? You find yourself picking up the cigarette and lighting it away again? I have to admit. I did. That is because I was lacking of something, of which I had to learn the hard way. And maybe this is perhaps why I am sharing my experience with you so you could avoid this mistake in the future. I’m sure you would know that most of time, smokers use the excuse of “releasing stress” to smoke. For some reason, this “release stress” has become a reality which in fact is not. The only reason you feel relaxed are due to the soothing of the nicotine addiction. The fact is… you do not need cigarettes in your life! The problem: Many have associated cigarettes can actually release stress that it became the truth. So after awhile, when a person which is going through the process on quitting smoking is incapable of handling stress, guess what he turns to? Cigarettes! The solution for this is, not only must you quit smoking, you must also: Find The Alternatives For Relaxation And To Release Stress! When you…

How To Quit Smoking And Stay Smoke-Free

Many a smoker have tried to quit the habit. Some have succeeded, and others have failed miserably. Some have been able to stop for a short time and went back to their old habits. Those who fail have a similar thought in mind: how to quit smoking and be able to keep their promise to stop. But what can be done to ensure success in quitting the smoking habit? Where does one begin the journey to being smoke-free? How to quit smoking is never an easy question to answer, nor is it an easy task to finish. However, to reach the goal of finally being smoke-free, one has to be decided and willing to keep to his goal. And for a person to push through with these plans, he must take it gradually. Such is the mistake of most quitters who’ve turned “cold turkey” on their plans to stop smoking. The first step to quitting is preparation. This is when you decide you want to quit and psyche yourself for the battle you’re about to undertake. Here are some tips to get yourself ready for your upcoming struggle to leave smoking behind: l It is important to keep a positive mindset when it comes to quitting. Being negative about reaching your goal only makes it easy to give in to the temptation of lighting a cigarette. l…

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