10 Reasons To Quit Smoking

We all know that thousands of people die each year from diseases brought about by smoking and we are all aware that smoking is the culprit in the cause of many cancers. We’ve all been warned about the dangers and we are aware of the thousands of dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, but yet many people continue to smoke. Why do many people still do it? Why can’t they just stop smoking and not continue to put their health and lives at risk? It’s very easy for non-smokers to judge, ridicule and point the finger. They have no idea how difficult it is for most people to quit smoking. They don’t realise how powerfully addictive the nicotine in cigarettes is. They simply don’t understand. Yes it’s hard to quit, but you can quit smoking. Many people have quit successfully and never smoke again. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting past the first few days and then getting past the first few weeks – then it becomes much easier to stay away from them. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right quit smoking technique that works for you. Here’s 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking 1.Your chance of developing many cancers will be drastically reduced. 2.Your family and friends will be able to breath fresh air for a change. 3.You’ll have more money in your pocket for…

7 Reasons Why Smoking is Even More Hazardous for Diabetics

Here are 7 reasons why mixing diabetes with smoking is a very bad idea: 1) You are more likely to get nerve damage (neuropathy). This is because smoking affects your blood circulation and that in turn means your nerve endings are not getting the nutrients they need. If this happens to the nerves in your feet it could lead to sores and infections and, if not taken care of properly, even amputation. 2) There is an increased risk – double in fact -of you getting limited mobility in your joints. It’s no fun trying to bend, climb stairs or lift something when you have a painful joint. 3) Because of smoking you could develop kidney disease. 4) When you smoke your blood pressure increases. Increased blood pressure creates a real risk of heart disease. 5) Research has shown that diabetics who smoke increase, 3-fold, the risk of dying of heart (cardiovascular) disease. 6) By smoking you increase your blood-sugar levels. This makes it more difficult to control your diabetes because your glucose levels could be fluctuating quite dramatically. This, in turn, leads to other problems. 7) And it also increases your cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of a heart attack. In fact smoking – and passive smoking – have a seriously detrimental effect on the ABC’s of diabetes management: A1C – the measurement of your blood…

Reasons to Quit Smoking – 101 Funny & Not-so-Funny Incentives

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”– Archimedes Do you have a “long enough lever” in your life to quit smoking? With long list of reasons, you can do anything – even quit smoking. (Ordered chronologically and by importance) 1. Wasting money on killing yourself 2. Smelling like an ashtray 3. Your bland taste buds 4. The embarrassing smoking smell of your 5. Even coffee tastes worst 6. Wondering if someone is going to get sick from riding in your “smoker’s” car 7. Your home won’t stink 8. The whizzing when you breathe 9. You alright get enough lung population by living in the city 10. You won’t have to move to the country to breath clean air 11. Poor circulation 12. Low energy 13. Feeling gorse 14. No amount of gum covers your ashtray breath 15. Yellow teeth 16. Yellow Stained fingers 17. Living an extra 7 years 18. Accomplishing what only 3.5% of smokers do a year*: quitting for a year or longer (According to the Surgeon General’s Report, 1990) 19. Grayish dull complexion caused by smoking 20. Preventing premature aging without surgery or fancy creams 21. Scaly skin caused by smoking 22. Having to look for a cigarette 23. Having to ask for a light 24. Those millions of thoughts about…

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