November Is a Great Time to Quit Smoking

November Is a Great Time to Quit Smoking

November is a great time to try again to kick the smoking habit. I say “again” because, as a 30-year-smoker who tried to quit for 25 of those years, I’m pretty sure all smokers try to quit again and again. During November, carrying on the work of journalist Peter Jennings, ABC News is presenting a series of reports on quitting smoking and lung cancer prevention. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and November 17th is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. It’s a perfect time for the 51 million Americans who still smoke cigarettes to make a serious effort at quitting so they won’t be part of the 160,000 who die from smoking each year in the U.S. There is help, especially during November. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, and the North American Quitline Consortium is providing resources to help people quit smoking. There’s a national network of quitlines, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, which automatically connects callers to their state-based quitlines, and to the Web site ( ) for additional resources on quitting and lung cancer. is devoting a portion of its Web site to “Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer.” The section includes links to smoking cessation resources; and a “Quitters Blog” documenting peoples’ attempts to quit smoking. The Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout helps smokers quit cigarettes for at…

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