The Key to Quit Smoking

From many of the well known methods on how to quit smoking, I will share with you the biggest discovery that will make you feel powerful enough to start the process of becoming a nonsmoker. This discovery will power you up day after day. You will enjoy the process and finally experience how easy life can be as a nonsmoker. Let’s see an example: If you have ever tried to quit smoking in the past, what event or events caused you to smoke again? Think and observe the details of your brain. 15 minutes after “the last cigarette” you say to yourself, “I can do this.” After 2 hours you say, “I don’t know what’s happening; should I feel something?” After 2 1/2 hours you say, “What will I do now?” “Should I eat something?” “I have to do something, maybe just this one last cigarette.” Or you say, “Maybe I’m not prepared as I should be… Maybe God Himself should come and personally tell me directly in my face that now is the time?” Well maybe you will see Him, and maybe you are the one that is going to visit Him. Rest assured that this is a normal way of thinking. Some people have been “trying to quit” for decades and they are a testament that quitting is hard. Well here is the discovery: It…

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