Electronic Cigarettes - How Do They Work?

Electronic Cigarettes – How Do They Work?

It seems like everything is electronic these days – even cigarettes! The electronic cigarette is said to have been invented by a Chinese chemist, and is gaining popularity in various parts of the world today. What exactly is an electronic cigarette, and how does it work? Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery operated. The small button batteries fit inside the slender tube that is often made to look like a cigarette from the outside. (Some other models may look like ballpoint pens, and there are electronic pipes and cigars as well.) Inside the mouthpiece or cartridge of the e-cigarette, there is a reservoir filled with a flavored liquid. This liquid may contain nicotine, but it may not. When the person inhales, it triggers a heating element inside the e-cigarette to “vaporize” some of the flavored liquid. On some models, the user pushes a button to activate the heat. This vaporized liquid is then inhaled through the mouth, and is said to taste very much like tobacco smoke. If the e-cigarette contains nicotine, it could be assumed that the effect would “feel” like a cigarette as well. E-cigarettes do not produce second-hand tobacco smoke – they produce no true smoke at all, because there is no combustion (burning). Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit? This is an area that it not without controversy. Some argue that e-cigarettes do indeed…

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