Hypnotherapy for Smokers - Can It Help You Quit?

Hypnotherapy for Smokers – Can It Help You Quit?

When you were growing up, did you think of hypnosis in cartoon terms, such as a therapist sitting over a reclining patient, swinging a watch in front of the patient’s eyes? It’s somewhat unfortunate that many of us have this rather silly notion of hypnotism in our heads, because these days the practice of hypnosis is being used to help people overcome bad habits. One of the habits that hypnosis – or hypnotherapy – is reputed to help is smoking. What Is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis itself is a state of deep and focused relaxation, during which the person being hypnotized is said to be more open to suggestion. In hypnotherapy, the therapist uses visualization and relaxation techniques to relax the patient, and then the therapist attempts to “talk to” the patient’s subconscious. The therapist then makes positive suggestions to the patient. Destructive habits are said to be replaced with positive ones. Are There Any Dangers? Some people are afraid of hypnosis – what if the therapist tells you to do something crazy, or tries to infuse your mind with false memories? First of all, this really isn’t what hypnosis is about. But if you are concerned, most hypnotherapists have an option where you can record your hypnosis session. In this day and age of mobile phones and digital images,…

Making Smart Decisions Can Help Quit Smoking by Nguang Nguek Fluek!

There are several ways to help quit smoking, but the first step to take is to make the decision to achieve the goal. Some people use medications such as nicotine patches while others use therapy or hypnosis to help quit smoking. It is generally a matter of what works for the individual, but I will provide a brief outline of some of the common practices employed today as an overview. Group and Moral Support For some attempting to quit smoking, a group of people is all they need to help. Having the support and confidence of family and friends is often enough to drive a person to stop smoking, and there are several groups outside of the family that offer this type of moral support. People can join support groups either online or in their communities and accomplish goals together using the resources and techniques shared within the group. Many people report great results when they attempt to accomplish a goal with friends. This is why several support groups and “stop-smoking aids” appeal to the connection between human beings to advertise their product or their terms of advice. Moral support and peer opinion is a common motivator in human behavior trends. Drugs and Other Medical Assistants Many people turn to medication in order to stop the craving for a cigarette. There are several modes to employ such…

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