How To Quit Smoking Once And For All

It is undisputed that smoking is harmful to your health. It increases chances of a heart attack; is a leading cause of lung and other types of cancers; and is also an expensive habit. But, smokers who try to quit will attest to the fact that quitting is not easy. The nicotine found in cigarettes is highly addictive and most smokers who try to quit attempt to do so several times before being successful. It is best to prepare yourself for quitting by removing all cigarettes, ashtrays and other signs of smoking from your environment at home, work and in your car. Seeing them is only a reminder and will hamper progress. Decide you want to quit and be determined. Do not smoke during this time even a little. The one cigarette you have may encourage you to have more, impeding your ability to quit altogether. A support system is very important to quit. Make sure family and friends are aware of your decision to quit and will help support you in your decision. If you have family and friends who smoke, ask them not to do it near you for awhile so you don’t have the urge to smoke with them. There are many support groups available as well. You can find telephone support or group therapy in just about every major city. Most of these…

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