How to Stay Quit After Quitting

An indomitable passion has let you to take the first step towards quitting. You are one of the luckiest people in the world, who have been able to swim against the current. You have shown a strong determination in yourself among your family and the friend circle, and have become different from the rest of the crowd. When you have been able to take the most important call in your life, is there any way, by which you want to loose that position? Is anything ever comparable to your mental strength? Would you even try to make yourself a laughing stock in front of your near and dear ones? What impression do you carry on to your kids? You suffer from indecision and forgetfulness. Or you may even prove that smoking is so invaluable that nobody can quit.

Remember your spouse and children always look up at you. Finally, if you want to undertake these risks of loosing your position in the family as well as society, we have nothing at all to say. However if you want to stick to the most admirable decision of staying put we can help you to the best of our extent and this chapter will aid you immensely in getting to your cherished yet unorthodox goal.

As your body and mind have been under the spell of Nicotine due to smoking you may be again lured by people and events. However one needs to control these unwanted desires of the mind with an iron hand because one more puff even after years can send you tumbling back to the stage from where you began.

The most important lacuna in today’s world is awareness. People are NOT aware about the feelings of their partners during a sexual relationship. Adolescents are NOT aware of the recuperation of watching blue films on their minds. The tracking team is NOT aware about the risks and dangers of an unknown place in an unforeseen environment. The young generation is NOT aware of the scars drug addiction leaves on their mind and bodies. Perhaps you were NOT aware of the effect of smoking when you had taken the first puff. Now you have realized by paying through nose just how harmful smoking is.

As you have already shown the first step towards maturity by quitting, now you must be aware of the probable events that trigger you towards a relapse. We may have come up with some generic prevailing concepts or triggering events. A smoking-prone mind becomes more active, when it watches the people around smoking. So, start avoiding the smoking zones. Thanks to the government for directing organizations to keep a separate smoking zone. Start visiting nonsmoking restaurants. Drinking supplements smoking – a common smoker’s notion, hence you need to chuck off both from your routine agenda for some time till your body, and mind begins to reap the rewards of non-smoking. The fun is to light a cigarette one needs to use both of his hands specially trained people require only one hand. Why don’t you make your hands busy by holding a rubber and a pencil?

Smoking is a highly catchy habit. So, stay away from smoking circles and friends requesting them not to smoke in front of you. There are some prime times for smoking, like after tea or lunch when you are most vulnerable to provocation. Why don’t you try out techniques to deviate yourself at these points of time in the best of your interest. You may also schedule your work so that you have your hands full after lunch. One can try out toffees or ‘churans’ in order to keep occupied.

A lot of dummy cigarettes like Yixing No Smoking Herbal “Cigarettes” have been formulated, which are supposed to be less harmful than a general cigarette and also gives you the aroma of a genuine cigarette. People recommend these at these stages when one has quit smoking. We have never tried to find out about the authenticity of its chemical components or the impact it has on smokers, hence we don’t recommend them. The logic being simple, when you start on this one, the number could again be at 20 in a span of 5 to 7 years. It’s like going around in circles only having falsely convinced our minds that we are onto a less harmful addiction. To us A cigarette is A cigarette and even addiction to anything even resembling a cigarette should be strictly forbidden, as our weak mind will again try to look for solace and provide justifications as we succumb to another form of addiction.

You must know that provocations will come and go but stepping into the cravings may raise a fundamental question in you – whether you are a confident person or not.

As nicotine gives you the mental boost, it gradually erodes your level of confidence too. Once you take a decision to quit your confidence level gets a jolt. Often some people succeed in convincing you by telling their own stories, which prompt one to restart smoking after having quit once. The solace is perhaps that they have started taking puffs from cigarettes with larger filters as advised by some quack advisor as larger filtered cigarettes are wrongly considered less harmful. We feel consumption of cigarettes irrespective of their filter size or number means continuing with the smoking addiction.

There are several treatment procedures for quitting. One of the most natural healing systems is the acupuncture method. It affects your taste buds in such a way that it generates an anti-feeling to smoking. The taste worsens when you give it the first puff after having taken to acupuncture therapy. We hardly recommend you to a doctor for any kind of therapy to ease your life rather we insist you to tread the harder way, through your own determination.

We guarantee an endless confidence level, if you can pass a few days after having quit without having undergone any medication or treatment. You can prove to yourself that you are in control of your surroundings and passion. As this is a very generic advice this will vary from individual to individual depending upon your mental ability. We also tell you to study your self and decide whether you require any external therapy without ignoring to what one’s inner voice has to say.

Even there are medical units like Holistic Healthcare Online, who take care of post quitting effects through alternate medicine methodology. Even you may look for hypnotherapy and Penn therapy to withstand the post quitting effects.

So the challenge becomes more mental. Weak minded people may start thinking that they have become useless and everything around them has turned dull. Even their desperation may make them feel let down. So, it’s rather a punishment to take the decision to quit smoking. ‘So, why to stick to it?’, a question that can occur to one and all. ‘Rather, let me not become the butt of laughter and start swimming with the flow again’, another perception that takes you right back. You may also have a feeling like, “just one cigarette, what’s the harm?” But please remember a decision is much more difficult than justifying at a later point. So, why to go back when one has once crossed the most crucial step of abiding by a bold decision.

The long term effect of Nicotine may affect your energy level a wee bit, but one has been saved from a lot of near fatal diseases. Have you ever considered that dizziness is an after for a very short term. So why don’t you tell yourself, that you have been able to win the battle against dreaded nicotine, which most other people loose? Don’t you find yourself at a different psychological level? Think positive and be positive.

One way to think positive is to calculate the monetary gain. Start calculating, how much have you saved today? Is it $2, then what the figure looks like after 5 days? So, you are saving a lot for your family or kids or at least for your life style. At least you are not burning dollars; rather you are using it for your amusement. So, tell yourself, keep it up! After one year we will have another pleasant tour! $770 is not a joke! 


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