Health Risks From Smoking

Adam and Eve had taken the risk of eating the forbidden fruit despite the caution from God. Today the society has left to stone unturned to bring the black side of smoking to the notice of the public. But still people continue to smoke and some even find romanticism behind the skull and Red Cross symbol or the pictures depicting blackened lungs in doctor’s chambers. So, the tradition continues.

Let us see, what a cigarette contains inside the white wrapper.

Tobacco, being the principle component contains Nicotine that hits the brain. It has got 43 carcinogenic substances and more than 4000 chemical substances, out of which some are toxic enough to generate the charming effects in the human body. It contains 400 other direct toxins, which are found in commonly used wood varnish and rat poison.

So, just imagine the combined effect!

  • Cigarette is the root cause of the most dreaded scourge of the century, Lung cancer. The research and Study reveals that about 90% lung cancers are triggered of by smoking. As cigarette affects the central nervous system, so it spells its cast to give birth to cancer in various organs of the body like mouth and lips, pancreas, kidney, stomach, urinary bladder, larynx, nose, throat and the esophagus.
  • Leukemia has been found to be caused by smoking
  • Coughing and sneezing take a turn for the worst due to smoking.
  • Smoking has found to trigger off Emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Asthma & Short breath are enhanced by smoking. Children are very susceptible to Pneumonia when subjected to passive smoke.
  • Mothers smoking cigarettes during their pregnancy risk chances of miscarriage and even delivering premature babies. It has been studied that smoking during pregnancy results in lesser birth weight for the babies.
  • Smoking has been observed to affect fertility in humans.
  • Vision is affected by Smoking
  • Smoking leads to strokes and coronary heart diseases like Heart Attacks.
  • “Long-term tobacco use can dull a person’s thinking ability and bring down IQ, according to a new study conducted by a research team at the University of Michigan” (
  • Smoking forms ulcers in several parts of the body, the most common one being peptic ulcer.
  • Smoking causes burning throats and acidity as it affects the entire metabolic cycle. People after having quit smoking have observed a renewed appetite than their previous stage of smoking.
  • Smoking may cause the development of large vessel peripheral vascular diseases and inflammation of veins.
  • When a woman smokes she becomes more susceptible to breast cancer.
  • Smoking can lead to Tuberculosis.
  • Several skin diseases are generated due to smoking. People smoking for longer periods, can gather diseases like Heartburn, High Blood Pressure and Insomnia. ( reports, “Long before Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World where the Indians there were growing and smoking tobacco”. This conform the habit of smoking even before the dawn of some civilizations. People may have been aware of its pros and cons much later.

The science and research has opened the opposite side of the coin in the recent past. The public houses, media and mass communication have been fulfilling their obligations. We don’t expect some radical change in such a long tradition. Obviously the time has come, when we all need to rethink and moreover we need to handle smoking cessation with a much emotional and professional touch. 


Quit Smoking Magic: The Cessation Program That Gets Results

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