Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We are going to furnish some instant benefit of quitting smoking which have been found over years and these data are furnished based on research on people who have quit smoking.

  • The Heart Rate drops just after 20 minutes of quitting smoking
  • The level of carbon monoxide comes back to normal level after 12 hours of quitting smoking
  • The Blood circulation improves and the lung function shows a significant improvement after 2 to 3 weeks of quitting smoking
  • Mostly Smoking gives birth to diseases like coughing which is fuelled by smoking. Severity of Bronchitis enhances due to smoking. Asthma is another disease, which is highly affected by smoking. Even the breathing of a normal person has been observed to be shortened as a result of continuous smoking. It has been observed that it takes 1 to 9 months after quitting smoking to remove these physical disorders. But a significant improvement can be visible.

(All these data has been collected from the website of American Cancer Society)


Quit Smoking Magic: The Cessation Program That Gets Results

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